“Having super sensitive skin makes skin products important while difficult to find for me.  This is the best skin product that I have used.  It never irritates my eyes or skin while it adds a healthy, invisible, radiance.  It never runs into my eyes or migrates anywhere that I don’t apply it directly.  I never have to worry about it leaving stains or greasy spots on clothing, making my skin too shiny or oily, or interfering with my ability to do anything such as touch things or shake hands.  It goes on like silk & disappears within minutes allowing application of makeup without any smudging or smearing.  I like that it contains natural sun screen so I can protect my skin without exposing myself to chemicals that may irritate my skin & damage my health.   Ocean 6 Illuminus serum is crystal clear so there is no need to match your skin tone or color.  Absorbed in just a few minutes, it leaves no greasy film to attract sand, dust, & dirt to the skin.  Providing sun screen protection while allowing the synthesis of Vitamin D is another unique benefit of the natural sun screen available through the primary ingredient,  Astaxanthin.   I’m eagerly anticipating expansion of the product line.”

– Lynne Lombardi, Ph.D., Distributer & Holistic Health Advisor

“I’ve been using the Illuminous as my facial moisturizer and I love how my skin feels. I hate putting makeup over it.”

– Brittany Romano, Owner, Lavish Salon, LBI