Eileen HesselEntrepreneur Invents Serum for Brightening Tattoos and Discovers it’s also a Remarkable Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Anti-Aging and UV Protection

Doesn’t your skin deserve the strongest natural antioxidant known? Astaxanthin is just that product.

On Memorial Day of 2010, Eileen Hessel, owner of LBI Products, launched a product called Tattoo Brightener. Tattoo Brightener was formulated as a skin serum with natural sunscreens to brighten and protect tattoos against the impact of age, sun, and free radicals. Tattoo Brightener contains only six ingredients;   including Astaxanthin, a sea deEileen Hesselrived photochemical (plant chemical) that has recently been recognized as the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

During the summer of 2010, Tattoo Brightener was used by Hessel and all of her beach buddies. The silky, luxurious, rejuvenation serum works exceptionally well on tattooed skin surfaces. When used on faces, chest, arms and legs women and men noticed in less than a week that their wrinkles began to fade and their skin was significantly softer and healthier looking!

After confirming its many uses and skin enhancing properties, Hessel changed the name of her product to Ocean 6 Illuminus. Unlike other products on the market, Ocean 6 Illuminus contains no petroleum, preservatives, alcohol, or para-bens, and is fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin. Hessel’s goal was to create a product that was beneficial, effective and affordable. One bottle of Ocean 6 Illuminus lasts a very long time and has endless uses. Within a week of using Ocean 6 Illuminus, you will clearly see and feel the difference in your skin!  Hessel is most proud of the fusion between health and beauty benefits in skin care.

There is evidence that Astaxanthin not only prevents UV sun damage from occurring, but may actually help to reverse external signs of aging from the inside out. The benefits of Astaxanthin have been clearly demonstrated in human clinical trials.  Dr. Nicholas Perricone, one of the world’s leading anti-aging experts, highly recommends Astaxanthin for reducing wrinkles and age spots, improving moisture levels, elasticity and smoothness, and for giving your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Astaxanthin has also been featured on Dr. Oz and Oprah and recommended by prominent doctors who encourage its use in the treatment of other conditions such as inflammation, eye disorders, immune system disorders. Hessel has been using Astaxanthin in her products since 2007, long before it was recognized as the world’s most powerful antioxidant.  Hessel’s inspiration in branding and determination in product development has led her to come full circle in creating Ocean 6 Illuminus.

Ocean 6 Illuminus was launched July 4th 2011. Coral Eye-Repair was launched in late 2013. And the rest is history!